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First, let me ask you a question. If you get bored of your desktop background, where do you go? If you want a fresh wallpaper, where's your Amazon or Travelocity? There's no household brand-name to answer the endless demand for computer wallpapers, and WallpaperArt.net aims to change that. We strive to build the world's premier source for high-quality desktop backgrounds. 

However WallpaperArt is more than the text you see on this website. WallpaperArt is a community. We've built a passionate member-base around technology that does not drive this site, but rather supports it. Our technology allows members to interact, sharing real-time feedback with artists or photographers. It allows visitors to subscribe to RSS feeds and get notified whenever a new wallpaper is uploaded to one of their favorite categories. It takes every wallpaper uploaded by the members of this site, and automatically crops, stretches, resizes, and remasters the image to fit your screen size perfectly. WallpaperArt provides a medium for members to share their desktop creations with the world. 

There are many places online to find desktop wallpapers, but none can compete with WallpaperArt for the volume of high-quality, well organized wallpapers we offer. 

We are obsessed in our dedication to build the absolute best source for computer wallpapers online, and if you have any suggestions, recommendations, feedback, or comments at all, we'd love to hear from you